Revolution In Probiotic Organic Fertilizer Production

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June 11, 2024

Payangan, Bali – June 12, 2024 – PT Isaru Teknologi Nusantara proudly introduces the latest innovation in agriculture: Manna Probiotic Organic Fertilizer, utilizing patented Rapid Fermentation Technology. This technology enables the production of high-quality probiotic organic fertilizer in a significantly shorter time. This innovation is based on over five years of research and development, resulting in a fertilizer rich in NPK and beneficial microbes, offering an economical and environmentally friendly solution.

Event Details:
Event Name: Panen Sejahtera
Date: June 12, 2024
Location: Jatiluwih, Bali

Key Highlights:
Introduction of Manna Probiotic Organic Fertilizer: The innovative fertilizer uses patented Rapid Fermentation Technology, producing high-quality fertilizer in a shorter time, rich in NPK and beneficial microbes.

Addressing Global Demand: With rising awareness of environmental sustainability, the global demand for organic fertilizers is at an all-time high. Long-term use of chemical fertilizers has damaged soil ecosystems, leading to declining agricultural productivity. Manna’s solution is crucial for Indonesia, heavily reliant on agriculture and facing a shortage of domestic NPK fertilizer production.

Revolutionizing Agriculture: Manna Probiotic Organic Fertilizer aims to revolutionize organic fertilizer production in Indonesia and beyond, significantly impacting global sustainable agriculture and food security.
This focus on regenerative organic farming aligns with government efforts to address the 72% of degraded agricultural land in Indonesia.

Demonstration Plot Launch: At the Panen Sejahtera event in Jatiluwih Village, we are introducing a Demplot (Demonstration Plot) in collaboration with local farmers. This plot aims to demonstrate the superior qualities of our Manna Probiotic Organic Fertilizer directly in the field.

Our fertilizer has proven to: Increase soil fertility and improve soil structure.

Provide high-quality natural nutrients gradually.
Enhance the availability of macro and micro nutrients.
Reduce environmental pollution.
Sustainably boost crop productivity.
Manna Probiotic Organic Fertilizer, the Farmer’s Friend for healthier and more sustainable agriculture.

About PT Isaru Teknologi Nusantara: PT Isaru Teknologi Nusantara is a leading agricultural technology company committed to providing innovative solutions that support sustainable and environmentally friendly farming practices. Their products and initiatives are designed to enhance crop yields, promote good agricultural practices, and support the growth of the agricultural sector in Indonesia and globally.
Earlier this year, Rigel Capital announced its lead investment in PT Isaru Teknologi Nusantara (Manna Agribio) in Indonesia through its Rigel Star Fund LP.

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