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The global trade is currently shifting from the West to the East, leading to a New Global Order. The Emerging Asia/Economies corridor, which has been historically important for cultural and commercial exchange, is now experiencing a digital revolution. This presents an unprecedented opportunity for growth and innovation.

Age of Emerging Asia

Market Enablers

In the emerging economies of Asia, these fundamental keys serve as powerful enablers, propelling businesses towards prosperity in the dynamic economic terrain. Technological innovation, supportive regulatory frameworks, and a keen understanding of shifting consumer preferences are the cornerstones that empower enterprises to not only adapt, but to flourish and lead in this evolving landscape.

Shift of global order from west to east:
structural economic reforms and deepening of trade relationships

Demographic Dividend:
Net-Positive of population entering workforce that consumes online-first.

Accelerated Capital Deployment:
Exponental growth in technology investments but still at low base

Growth of Consumptive Societies:
Societal change and social mobility create sizeable consumer markets.

Emergence of Patterns:
Technology unlocks network effects ue to macroeconomic patterns.

Market Formation

The presence of a growing number of middle and affluent consumers in these three markets expands the scope of potential targets and fosters a dynamic ecosystem. This consumer base is poised to continually evolve, presenting both opportunities and challenges for businesses seeking to capture and retain their share of this expanding market.
Middle/Affluent Consumers (in M, 2020)

Market Growth

By 2030, it is projected that the combined GDP growth within these regions will reach an impressive 20 trillion USD, signifying a remarkable economic expansion and further cementing their significance on the global stage.
GDP Growth (in US$T)

Market Formation

The population growth under the age of 30 in SEA, MENA, and India has surged by over 1.00% compared to the relatively slower growth in the US and European markets. This significant disparity underscores how these regions have effectively nurtured the next generation of consumers, indicating a burgeoning market with immense potential for businesses to tap into.
Population Growth and Under 30
Population by Region (2020)

Market Growth

The unwavering commitment of Millennials and Gen Zs to the internet in their daily lives, coupled with the substantial population growth within these markets, suggests that the Internet economy is poised for an astonishing sixfold surge in growth by the year 2030. This exponential rise underscores the transformative potential of digital technologies and their central role in shaping the economic landscape of these regions.
Internet Economy Growth (in US$B)
Rigel Capital recognizes the historical significance of this corridor and is dedicated to investing in its potential. We finance innovative solutions in logistics, food security, retail, trade, and sustainable mobility to develop the leading commerce-enabling infrastructure for Emerging Asia/Economies.

We Backed Hyper-growth Companies

Emerging Southeast Asian, Middle East, and South Asia economies.
Rigel Capital is a strategic manager specializing in hyper-growth companies in the emerging Southeast Asian, Middle Eastern, and South Asia economies. We support founders in scaling their businesses to create innovative, sustainable, and ethical regional champions. Rigel Capital aims to build dominant cash-generating companies that have positive impacts on employees, customers, investors, and citizens across Asia.
In our pursuit to enhance the emerging economic ecosystem, we implement complex strategies and maintain a perpetual focus on the better future impact we aim to create.
We Work
Identification of
Promising Founders
Analyze and select only the most promising founders and hypergrowth start-ups with the potential to be regional category leaders.
the Company
Prepare our champions for rapid growth by scaling their capabilities and deepening their home market penetration.
Ecosystem Synergies
and Regional Expansion
Proactively enable synergies to promote faster growth and create ecosystem advantages.
M&A and IPO
Support for identifying regional acquisition targets to boost potential growth. Continuous support for IPO/Exit preparation.
We strive to make a positive impact on the world by consistently aligning our actions with our core values day by day.
Sustainability and 
Environmental Impact
We build entities which focus on sustainability, superior environmental and social impact.
Synergies and
Enhancing revenue and cost savings with efficient synergy. Foster cooperation across regional industries, business and geographies.
Scalability and
Setting high operational standards and grow our organizations into market leaders along with constantly focusing on exceeding them.
Excellence and
Help scale our organizations into market leaders and regional winners. Set high standards and then focus on exceeding.
Innovation and
Seeking out category leaders, bold innovators and pioneering founders with continuous thirst of innovation and rapid growth.
Integrity and
We back founders we have thoroughly vetted by being transparent in operating and building businesses with the best interests of the stakeholders.
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