Rigel Capital backs Emerging Organic Fertilizer Player

Rigel Capital
Ops Team
February 21, 2024

Rigel Capital has announced its lead investment in an emerging organic fertilizer player in Indonesia through its Rigel Star Fund LP.

The company, which is in ‘stealth mode’ at the time of this press release, utilises a patented biotech process called Rapid Fermentation Technology (RFT) which shortens the production time for organic probiotic fertilizers to per batch. RFT yields over 40% better crop output compared to chemical fertilizers, with the added advantage of rejuvenating over-farmed land.

Indonesia's agricultural sector grapples with a substantial challenge. The 2022 fertilizer demand of 13.5 million tons was only met by 3.5 million tons produced domestically. In addition, the use of chemical fertilizers depletes soil organic matter by 73%, rendering arable land infertile over time. Therefore, the move to organic fertiliser is critical for long-term sustainability, being eco-friendly and a cost-effective alternative to chemical fertilizers.

The company produces probiotic organic fertilizer made with organic material. The vision is to be a regional, green, organic, and environmentally conscious company that fertilizes any type of crop, but also restores over farmland.

The company CEO says, "We are thrilled to announce our strategic partnership with Rigel Capital, marking a significant milestone in our journey as an organic and sustainable fertilizer company. We are eager to integrate our business with their dynamic ecosystem and look forward to innovating and growing beyond borders, creating a new age of a green and clean revolution in the agricultural sector."

Sebastian Togelang, Founding Partner, stated, “Supporting this exceptional team from the beginning shows our commitment to sustainable agriculture and environmentally friendly innovation. Not only does this organic fertiliser product have the potential to meet domestic demand in Indonesia, but we also see huge potential in growing this business into a significant regional player.”

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