Volta: Empowering Electric Motorcycle Subsidy Program at BCA Expo 2023

One of Rigel Capital's portfolio companies, Volta, marks a significant…
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October 26, 2023

One of Rigel Capital's portfolio companies, Volta, marks a significant presence in promoting the adoption of electric motorcycles and government-backed subsidy programs in Indonesia at BCA Expo 2023. Organized by PT Bank Central Asia Tbk (BCA), the event, which runs both online and offline, offers customers a comprehensive platform for exploring a wide range of electric mobility solutions. In collaboration with BCA, Volta takes this opportunity to showcase its advanced electric motorcycle offerings, including models like 401, Virgo, and Mandala, all of which qualify for subsidies due to their significant local content levels.

The event not only focuses on product exhibitions but also serves as a valuable platform for education and information dissemination. Visitors have the chance to learn about the benefits of electric vehicles, including economic advantages and their positive environmental impact. BCA Expo 2023 aims to inspire the general public to embrace electric mobility for a more sustainable future, and with the support of BCA's special interest rates and flexible payment options, it paves the way for a broader adoption of electric motorcycles among Indonesian consumers. 

This initiative is poised to contribute to reduced carbon emissions and improved environmental quality, aligning with Indonesia's sustainability goals and Rigel Capital's commitment to fostering an eco-friendly ecosystem.

Read full article on Warta Ekonomi "Volta, MCAS Group, Sukses Menghidupkan BCA Expo 2023 dengan Program Sepeda Motor Listrik Subsidi"

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