Indonesia: an Emerging Ecosystem - SuperReturn 2022 discussion with Sebastian Togelang

September 19, 2022

Our founder, Sebastian Togelang, is part of the Speakers at SuperReturn Asia 2022 in the "Indonesia: An Emerging Ecosystem" discussion with Arnaud Bonzom (Founder and Managing Director of Black Mangroves), Sean Low (CEO and CIO of Golden Vision Capital), and Shane Chesson (Founding Partner of Openspace).

In this insightful discussion, Sebastian unveils why we should turn our heads to Indonesia's market and why we should be bullish about this. The growth mindset and high awareness about technology in Indonesia, the government's support for creating a green environment, and the amount of the population itself are one of the reasons to expand and generate more IPO companies in Indonesia.

Sebastian also reveals Rigel Capital's investment strategies to expand more markets aside from Indonesia, yet the key to the investment strategy is Indonesia itself.

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