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Why SEA, SA, and MENA?

Southeast Asia and Indian technology start-ups are among the
most exciting global markets for technology investments, comprising an approximately 2 billion population generating US$6.4 trillion in the gross domestic product (forecasted to triple by 2035 to US$19.6 trillion).

In 2021, Southeast Asia and India boasted the establishment
of 67 new unicorns, and the region is expected to grow into a US$1 trillion Digital Economy by 2025.

As part of this journey, the region’s technology start-ups are expected to
grow exponentially, with cumulative technology start-ups valuations expected to rise from US$340 billion in 2021 to US$1 trillion in 2025 for Southeast Asia, and US$330 billion in 2021 to US$700 billion in 2025 for India.

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Southeast Asia Deal Review 2023

Report 2023
Jan 26, 2023  Version 1
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The latest 'Southeast Asia Deal Review 2023' report, a collaboration between DealStreetAsia and Rigel Capital, unveils a dynamic journey for startups despite facing challenges. While 2023 witnessed a 51% drop in private capital, amounting to $7.96 billion, a resilient Q4 recovery suggests a potential upswing. Singapore and Indonesia led the way, securing 90% of total equity funding. Discover why healthtech defied the trend with a 20% increase in deals and explore the growth potential in sustainable sectors like green tech, electric vehicles, climate tech, and health tech in 2024. The report anticipates a rebound in Series A rounds, offering valuable insights for investors and startups alike.
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State of the Electric Vehicle Industry 2022

Report 2022
Dec, 2022  Version 1
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For global and regional investors, Indonesia and India represent the next fastest-growing markets in Asia, where the electric vehicle (EV) industry is primed to grow.
In the ‘State of the Electric Vehicle 2022’ report, DealStreetAsia and Rigel Capital lay down the factors that make these two countries a compelling proposition for the manufacturing industry, conglomerates, tech startups and a range of investors.
The Indonesian government has set a target for 2.2 million electric cars and 13 million electric two-wheeled vehicles by 2030. In India, the target is to have 80 million EVs by 2030.
The report traces the strengths of the two markets – Indonesia’s nickel ore reserves that are a critical raw material in EV batteries, and India’s software tech talent. It also distills the regulatory frameworks of each country, and tracks the first wave of investments that have occurred over the past couple of years.
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